Translations of business documents

Commercial translations include and emphasize all aspects of sale relevant target language and culture. This means locating commercial content that may include catalogs, brochures, commercial offers and more. Serves then a precise, direct and effective language that understands all aspects of communication so faithful. The goal is to put our clients in a position to perform all the necessary assessments to be able communicate the strengths of their product or service.

Commercial translation

Commercial translations require expertise and deep knowledge of the business language, depending on the specific context of the text provided by our customers.

Commercial translations cover every type of document used in the business world, such as correspondence, reports, and company accounts. A good translation should be able to reflect the personality of the Organization and demonstrate the value of the brand. Only in this way can be the key to winning in your business.

The BW business translations

We are able to provide timely, accurate and professional translations in business because we assign each project to freelancers who specialize in different areas of expertise and then be able to better understand what is expressed in the original language and make it with an appropriate linguistic content.

Specific areas

In addition to the traditional commercial translations, our experience in this area focuses primarily on:

  • Requests for participation in tenders
  • Contracts
  • Private writings
  • Offers
  • Advertising material