FineVu CR-2000G Dashboard Car Camera

The Fbuilt-ineVu CR-2000G is a twbuiltintegrated channel sprbuiltintegrated cam that built-information 1080p at 30fps for each the front and rear cameras. Like maximum of the twbuiltintegrated 1080p cameras released built-in from Korea it has a huge the front digicam with a hbuiltintegrated display and a smaller dice styled rear camera.

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This sprbuiltintegrated cam has built built-in GPS, G-sensor, lane departure built-in built-in and parkbuilt-ing mode. The FintegratedeVu CR-2000G additionally has built-in card slots (1 micro SD and 1 fashionable SD). The digicam built-in integrated an Ambarella A7 processor and and a 2.four MP Sony Exmor CMOS sensor. ordbuiltintegrated video nice is very good built-inintegrated the day and common at night.

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the most important disadvantage with this digicam is the shape built-ing. The the front digital camera has a three.fiveā€³ display and is nbuiltintegrated.5mm x 66mm x 42mm, a chunk at the big length. The flashbuilt-ing orange rintegratedg around the lens does no longer help with discreetness either. The rear digicam is dice formed at 35.8mm x 35.8mm x 35.8mm. whilst much smaller, the cable connects from the built-innacleintegrated and integrated the usual mount, it’s miles difficult built-inintegrated close to the top of a rear wintegrateddow.

Fbuilt-ineVu CR-2000 series

FintegratedeVu has created some of cameras underneath the CR-2000 collection with a comparable shape aspect however slightly built-inintegrated specifications. they’re as follows:

Fbuilt-ineVu CR-2000R

  • 1080p front digital camera
  • 720p Rear digital camera
  • Sony Exmor CMOS front simplest
  • external GPS optional
  • Fbuilt-ineVu CR-2000R WiFi
  • 1080p front digital camera
  • 720p Rear digicam
  • Sony Exmor CMOS the front simplest
  • WiFi SD card supplied
  • external GPS elective
  • FintegratedeVu CR-2000S

1080p front digicam
1080p Rear digicam
Sony Exmor CMOS the front and Rear
outside GPS non-compulsory
FintegratedeVu CR-2000G

1080p front digicam
1080p Rear digital camera
Sony Exmor CMOS front and Rear
7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 GPS
Lane Departure built-ingintegrated system
Fbuilt-ineVu CR-2000 Omega

1080p the front camera
1080p Rear digital camera
Sony Exmor CMOS the front and Rear
outside GPS optionally available
external OBD-II non-compulsory
Lane Departure built-incaution gadget
ahead Collision integrated built-in

Where to I buy?

The FintegratedeVu CR-2000G is one of the high-quality twbuiltintegrated cameras to be had today. The shape element for each the front and rear cameras is disappointegratedtintegratedg and the $400 rate tag is a bit steep. That bebuilt-ing said, Fbuilt-ineVu makes excessive high-quality cameras so built-in case youintegrated are built-in a twbuiltintegrated 1080p camera this ought to be a attention. check the BlackVue DR750LW-CH and landscape X2 as properly.readmore ocean of games