Choose wireless Bluetooth headphones

Many music lovers, gamers, ordinary users of high-tech best Bluetooth headphones in the form of players, PCs, phones and music centers can not live a day without their favorite accessories – headphones. They help to be constantly in touch, listen to your favorite tunes, manage the chosen hero in a computer game, without being distracted by extraneous noise. Produced by different manufacturers, “ears” can be without wires and with those, very voluminous and miniature, high-quality and leaving much to be desired, expensive and cheap. Which device should be preferred?

There are a number of basic and secondary criteria that should be followed when buying headphones. Now consumers prefer to buy wireless models often. These are devices that exchange data via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology, which have a built-in radio transmitter or infrared port. The best option is the first one. It is the Bluetooth technology that allows you to avoid the use of permanently entangled wires, getting excellent sound quality. Freedom of movement – the advantage of wireless “ears” before wired. The possibility of obtaining a less distorted signal in the presence of visible interference is the advantage of the Bluetooth connection before IR and Wi-Fi.

bluetooth headphones

The principle of Bluetooth headphones, complete set

Converting a digital signal to an analog one is the principle of the operation of best Bluetooth headphones of 2017 that communicate with the base station using Bluetooth technology. Equipment of this type can be connected to a stationary PC or laptop, a player or a TV, a phone, a smartphone or a tablet, a radio in the car cab. You only need to activate the required function on the transmitter and synchronize.

As for the configuration of the headphones themselves, in addition to the transmitter, they have a source of autonomous power. Without their existence, their work is impossible because of the absence of familiar wires.

Advantages and disadvantages of wireless headphones


First of all, Bluetooth is freedom of movement. Qualitative models from rating manufacturers allow you to move away from the transmitter for a distance of up to 40 meters, which is impossible when using equipment with wires or on IR communication. The maximum distance in the latter case is 10 meters, but this is provided there are no visible barriers (walls, furniture, household appliances).

Often, users prefer Wi-Fi-headphones. To some extent this is quite justified: the same lack of wires, the same impressive range (up to 50 meters indoors, up to 100 – outside), but one must always remember some important points. First: the presence in the signal reception area of ​​various electrical appliances, mirrors, precipitation in the form of rain significantly reduces the coverage radius. Second: the level of security of information transmitted over the Wi-Fi protocol, now leaves much to be desired. Third: serious competition such headphones can not make up their “colleagues” working on Bluetooth technology, due to the lack of a standard of sound support.


The first drawback is the weight of the “ears”. This is due to the presence of a built-in battery. The second point: the cost of such a wireless accessory is higher than conventional headphones with wires, although this is justified. Nuance the third – a certain degree of distortion of sound, but this is compared with conventional wired headphones. As for infrared communication or Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth technology here is not inferior, since there are best Bluetooth headphones with amplifiers capable of outputting the volume to the desired level.